How to save on flights with Skiplagged

Nowadays people travel a lot around the world and even the COVID-19 pandemic has not been able to completely stop international air travel. If a person needs to cross the border for work, business, study or medical treatment, he will be issued a visa one way or another.

The Skiplagged mobile app will help travelers save money on flights, both domestic and international.

The Skiplagged project was created and launched in 2013, and since that time it has become very popular. Bugs and flaws identified by the users have been successfully eliminated by the software developers.

How it works

The program analyzes all schemes of travelling from point A to point B by air.

The specifics of airline pricing are: with proper diligence it is always possible to create a bypass route, which will be much cheaper than flying directly.

It is cheaper to fly first class from point A to point B with a connection at point C, than to fly directly in second class.

And also air travel often involves staying overnight or in a hotel for several days. Not the cheapest luxury either.

The Skiplagged mobile app analyzes all the hotels along with the airline routes and automatically selects the best accommodation options.

By today more than a million people have already downloaded the Skiplagged low-cost flight search app. Skiplagged is especially popular with the students who love to travel but often have limited funds.