New mobile app ABPV with entertainment content

The ABPV app has been developed specifically for Android devices owners. Its main purpose is to give users access to a huge catalogue of entertainment content. And the main content is represented by videos and photos taken and edited by the users from the United States.

Launching ABPV

Although ABPV app is mainly aimed at serving users from the USA, it can also be used by the users from other countries. And in order to get access to the content you don’t even need to register or overcome any difficulties. But, of course, if you want to share something or download something to watch offline, then you’ll have to create an account.

After completing the registration process, the user can download the entertaining content, get recommendations from the application and subscribe to other users.

Once you’re done, you can download files, subscribe to users, and get recommendations.

ABPV features

ABPV is often compared to TikTok because both platforms allow users to view and share video content. But ABPV not only supports video uploading/viewing, but also allows users to interact with GIFs, photos, memes, and comics.

By opening the “Interesting” section, you can find recommendations that are generated based on the user’s actions. You can like and dislike the content you’re watching so that the system understands which material is more suitable for you.

If you like a particular type of content, you can subscribe to the person who creates or publishes it. Thus you can be sure that you don’t miss new releases of photos, videos, etc.

You can add materials you like most to your “Favorites” section. This allows you to quickly find them later to watch them again or share them with your friends. Besides, under each post you can leave comments, discussing what you’ve seen with other users and the author of the content.

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To cut the long story short, here are the features you can find in APK app ABPV:

  • it allows you to view and publish a variety of content, mainly of entertainment character;
  • the application can be used by the citizens of any country in the world;
  • the app contains content of various kinds: photos, memes, videos, comics, GIFs;
  • it is possible to set your reaction to each post with likes/dislikes or comments;
  • there is an opportunity to track the release of new content from those users whose activities you liked;
  • The application is completely free of charge and works in all current Android versions

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