Esport streaming platforms: where can you watch esports online

The gaming industry has turned into a million-dollar business, and it may hit USD 272.86 billion in 2024. As a result, there has been a huge rise in game streaming platforms. People are now very keen on streaming their gameplay and sharing it in the virtual world. CS GO daily updates are also a big part of this trend.

If you are also planning to start your streaming career but have no idea about any game streaming platforms, then this article will help. We have curated a list of game streaming platforms for you here where you can start your streaming career today.


The first name on our list is Twitch because 30 million people use it in their daily lives for live streaming. In 2024, it has 124 million monthly active users, making it one of the biggest hubs for live streamers. Because of the multi-device accessibility, it has become the most preferred choice for live streamers, including CS GO matches.


Kick has emerged as one of the fastest-growing live-streaming gaming platforms. In 2023, its viewership surged by 404% between January and April. The users can leverage its immersive broadcasting experience to live stream seamlessly and engage with the audience in real time. It also provides flexibility with content; for example, you can share gambling content here but not on Twitch.


Quickly become a valuable platform for game streaming, offering a unique and engaging space for gamers to showcase their content in a captivating way. With its short-form video format, TikTok allows gamers to share quick highlights, gaming tips, and funny moments concisely and entertainingly that resonate with a wide audience.

YouTube Gaming

Another valuable name we can add to our top 10 game streaming platforms is YouTube Gaming. On average, it receives 2.5 million logins per month and even acts as a promotional medium for live streamers. You can enjoy a convenient and seamless streaming experience with YouTube Gaming as it’s available across multiple devices.

Facebook Gaming

Facebook Gaming has become popular as the best gaming streaming platform for newcomers. It helps you connect with your friends quickly and delivers an immersive experience on live streaming.

Facebook Gaming
Facebook Gaming


Trovo is a rapidly growing game streaming platform that caters to the needs of both streamers and viewers, offering a diverse array of features designed to elevate the streaming experience. With its user-friendly and robust streaming capabilities, Trovo provides a seamless platform for gamers to showcase their gameplay to a global audience.


Rolled out in 2017, Dlive streamlined live streaming by enabling creators to be the sole owners of all the generated revenues. It follows the traditional reward system to provide value to the user-generated content.


Watch your friends play their favorite game or set your broadcasting to let others watch you playing; all these can be possible with Steam Broadcasting.


NimoTV is a global leader in the new game streaming platform. It is entirely gaming-focused, especially for esports lovers. You can also take part in the tournaments organized here, which make it a popular streaming platform. The app comes in many different languages, so there are no restrictions on its use.


Caffeine is as addictive as it sounds! For live streamers, this platform provides a plethora of features to stream without any hassle. It enables shared broadcasting services to enable collaborative streaming with multiple streamers.