Pandora – personalized music and Internet radio

Modern broadcasting technology allows you to listen to broadcasts even from the most remote corners of the world. Are you interested in Texas jazz? Here you are, please, tune in to Houston, or San Antonio, or Dallas.

There is only the problem of choosing a mobile app that provides maximum comfort for the user. But what is comfort when listening to the radio?

Comfort is about listening to music and Internet radio in the mobile app Pandora.

  • Fully personalised.
  • Instead of searching for your favorite songs on individual stations (which is time-consuming and not always successful), Pandora lets you create your own settings with a repertoire containing only your favorite songs.
  • Select a song and Pandora will automatically find it for you.

Special feature for drivers: voice control and search. Just say the name of the song or artist, the name of the podcast, the frequency of the radio station and Pandora will tune in automatically.

Do you often want something new, but you don’t know what it is? That’s where Pandora can help. Just run the recommendations and you’ll be surprised at how endless your music library is and how much good stuff you haven’t listened to yet or known before.

Pandora has six personalization modes:

  • Songs from the list of favorites, frequently played songs.
  • Underknown songs by favorite artists.
  • What do your friends listen to?
  • Expanded range of artists by radio station.
  • New releases from your favorite artists and bands.
  • Songs by only one artist.

Also, you can download the songs you often listen to and play them offline, because even in America there are still remote corners where you can’t get internet on the highway.