Why you should never download mobile apps in Play Store

Google web services have become so familiar to Europeans and Americans that many people have no idea how a smartphone can exist without them. That’s why the core group of Android-based device owners uses the familiar Play Market when they need to find and install an application. Moreover, a lot of people don’t even know that there are special catalogue sites where you can also search any mobile programs. Users just decide that they don’t need to look for anything else when Google Play is available for quick use.

This changed somewhat after 2019, when Donald Trump banned Google from installing apps on Chinese smartphones such as Huawei and Xiaomi. Then a lot of users finally realized that applications could be obtained from other sources. If you come to best apk site, then you can find many more useful programs there than in Play Market, which is common for everyone. The reason for this is Google’s internal policy, which prevents many interesting applications from reaching its store.

Limitations of Google

Google Corporation is well known, popular and has a great impact on the public. So various services monitor its actions, companies and even individuals. And if Google does something that you can sue or even criticize on the Internet for, then those processes come true. That is why corporations have to follow their actions relentlessly. Accordingly, it just doesn’t let any app into its store that might damage the reputation of such a big firm.

That’s why a lot of interesting programs just can’t get in. Therefore, they started looking for a way around it. This led to specialized sites that allow users to download a free download apk file of any program they like and install it on their smartphone or tablet. If you compare the process of installing apk and utilities from Google Play, the second option is simpler, because the system automatically installs the program. In the case of apk, you have to do one more action, namely download the file, find it, and then activate the installation process. It’s very difficult to call it a disadvantage, because it’s more like a simple feature.

Google Play

As a result, the user gets all the benefits of working with independent sites, from which it is easy to make some Android apk downloads of thousands of unique programs. The use of such directories is as simple as it is with Google services and even easier because they care more about building a sharp system of control and accompanying applications with a description of their features.

Safety of such additional services

Since apk installation files may theoretically contain vulnerabilities, users worry about the security of downloading them. In fact, it’s as safe as downloading software from Play Market.

The service administration carefully checks all files for viruses and vulnerabilities before releasing it freely. Therefore, downloading applications has no risks. When a program update is published, the site will first check it and then publish it for free download.