The best app to pay with a smartphone

Many users were appreciating the benefits of contactless payment. NFC technology in a smartphone is the tool that makes this possible. It is not only a convenient payment method but also reliable. In this article, we will describe the most optimal applications for payment by phone from the best developers. Android and iOS are smartphone bases that will allow you to use these programmes.

The optimum programme for payment by smartphone

The developers have created applications in which you must enter your bank details to pay for purchases and services by mobile phone. Let’s describe the most popular ones.

Apple Pay

This software was released in 2014 to pay with a smartphone instead of a card. It is intended for Apple smartphone owners. During its existence, this software has been significantly improved and corrupted extra functions. Apple Pay allows users to pay in stores and applications. You can add gift and discount cards to this programme.

Developers provide users with the software free of charge. It has a very simple interface and provides high security for transactions. Apple Pay’s weaknesses are that the number of partner banks is very small. The programme also has a registration limit (up to 12 ones).

Android Pay

This is software that developers published in 2015 to pay with a card over the phone. It is ideal for owners of devices with Android operating system version 4.4 or higher that have an NFC function. It supports Visa and MasterCard banking cards. With this programme, you can shop online. You can also add any discounts and gift cards to this application.

Android Pay

Visa payWave

This is a very famous programme that is designed to be paid for by a bank card with a smartphone. It is reliable and convenient. Payment technology helps you make contactless payments. Among the strengths of this programme is the ability to combine with a Google Account.

NFC Tasks Launcher

This programme has a wide range of settings. NFC Tasks Launcher will help you create multiple profiles and easily switch between them. The user can create settings for certain payment methods and they will be activated automatically. This programme is ideal for Android-based devices.

Samsung Pay

This software is intended for smartphones from Samsung. The probability of compatibility with other devices depends on the region. With this programme, your smartphone will be able to process payments on terminals of various types. Users are able to pay online purchases. You can also register different bonus and transport cards in this application.

What we’ve listed is just a small fraction of the contactless smartphone payment software. Developers offer a wide range of applications, among which you can find the optimal one especially for you. NFC technology makes payment easier in both real stores and online shopping. More and more users are convinced of the safety and convenience of this function. It’s the perfect option for storing all your bank records, including bonuses, discounts, and transportation – all in one device.