Optimum video editing apps for smartphone

More and more people are using mobile devices every year. Many users post a video that they edit on their smartphones. However, there are often very few standard tools in smartphones. As a result, you can install an application to edit the video onto your smartphone. Developers of such programmes provide users with a wide range of software. In this article, we will describe the most popular ones.

Optimum video editing applications for smartphones: the 5 ones best

With the help of the software, users can make real quality content. Video editing apps for smartphones can be either paid or free. They contain not only basic functions, but also extra ones that will help any user to create a unique video.

  1. Movavi Clips. It is a simple programme that will be perfect for video processing for YouTube, Instagram and other social networks. It will allow you to use the basic tools for working on the video. This application has such a feature as a built-in library with original sounds and melodies.
  2. Quik. We list optimal video-processing applications on the phone and so we cannot ignore the programme from the creators of GoPro. Qiuk is a programme that will make automatic video waves and special effects. You can add text or music to the video. It is an ideal application for beginners because it has a simple interface. The user can upload video directly from this programme.

  3. Inshot. This programme for smartphones for video editing is one of the favourite ones for bloggers. The programme has templates and frameworks for different social networks. With the help of the built-in photo editor, you can make unique collages. Use of this programme is free. Onon has tools for cutting videos, creating credits and overlaying audio tracks.  The presence of advertisements and watermarks on content is among the weaknesses. You can buy a paid version of the programme if you don’t want to see them.
  4. PowerDirector. This programme is perfect for both Android and iOS users. It is designed for advanced users. The video editor can be integrated with cloud storage. It has additional tools to work with professional content. The basic version of the programme is that its developers publish for free. To access all templates and tools, you must buy a premium account. After that, you will be able to use a large set of effects, credits and transitions within this program.
  5. Splice. A convenient smartphone video editing programme helps you cut and edit video clips. You can overlay text and add transitions or filters to your video. The built-in library contains a large number of tracks and sounds. You can also import videos from this programme directly into the social network. Thanks to a simple interface, even a newcomer can easily master the program.