Mobile application testing features

Testing mobile applications are different from operations with computer versions of this software. This process has its unique features, and then software development has its nuances.

Features of mobile application testing: most important factors

The developers work to improve the operating system regularly. This is the reason why they make sure that updates can be installed in the application during the testing process. The specialist needs to know how the application will behave if the user does not update their version of a product.

Testing tools

There are many different tools for testing mobile applications. Among them are such types as:

  • emulators;
  • software for collecting statistics;
  • services for beta testing.

Emulators are programmes that simulate the behaviour of other devices. They are used for complex types of testing that cannot be done with a regular device like a smartphone.

Mobile application testing

Software for the collection of statistical data enables developers to learn about all the features of user interaction and a particular application. The tester will be able to understand which functions of this programme are the most comfortable and which ones are the most unnecessary.

Automating the testing of mobile applications is a feature that greatly facilitates this procedure. It allows the tester to reduce time and simplify the verification of the application.

Automated testing of mobile applications involves the use of special services. Some services are intended for applications based on a particular operating system, but some are suitable for all systems. Among the most popular services there are:

  • Appium;
  • UI Automator;
  • Detox;
  • TestComplete Mobile.

These assistants are ideal for detailed analysis of programme functioning and for the collection of statistical data. Testing helps specialists to find and eliminate issues such as:

  • programme braking;
  • incorrect image on different screen formats;
  • errors in process of using different operating systems.

A specialist must carefully select the tools before starting the testing. He or she must also consider what restrictions there are on a particular helper service. That’s why each specialist should have more than one tool.