Applied Mobile Apps for Everyday Use

Modern smartphones are significantly superior to computers of the recent past in terms of power, memory capacity, and desktop capabilities. There are thousands of mobile applications for solving everyday tasks.

It takes a lot of time to sort out such a variety of options and choose the best ones. The best way to make this task easier and faster is to reduce your search parameters by using an independent ranking: best mobile apps for everyday use.

Criteria for Selecting Applications for Daily Use

This task is purely individual. Some people always check the weather before going outside, while others want to find and capture highlights of their daily lives. There are also those who like to brighten up their leisure time by watching movies.

Before choosing apps from the ranking, it makes sense to make a list of your daily activities and goals that can be optimized by mobile applications.

  • Photo editors. Almost everyone sometimes takes photographs or at least scans of documents when solving business or personal tasks. Snapseed is a simple but multifunctional photo editor. Its alternatives include Aviary Photo Editor or Autodesk Pixlr.
  • Cloud storage, where files will not be lost due to any problem: Dropbox, Google Drive with text and spreadsheet options.
  • Audiobook Readers. Reading books from the phone screen is not very convenient, especially for people with impaired vision. Audiobook readers can help to solve the problem. Smart AudioBook Player has a timer function in case you listen to books while falling asleep. Akimbo Audiobook Player is a player with many settings for customization lovers.

Another irreplaceable thing in the modern world is keyboards for smartphones. The current version of Gboard has all possible useful functions, including voice dialing, highlighting, copying, clipboard, automatic password memorization, and filling in Internet service passcards.

Photo and Video Applications

Google Camera is a pretty good camera for everyday use with a video recording function, self-timer, and a large number of settings.

The GeoCam application is useful at times when you need to save information about the location of the photos taken. In addition to geolocation, you can create three-dimensional objects and prepare reports with information about the images in PDF format that is convenient for printing on paper.

Next, let’s take a look at good applications for playing video and audio files: multimedia centers for smartphones.

Poweramp is a universal player that supports any format, has fine settings, and has the function of creating a play queue. In other words, this is a solid classic.

MX Player is a highly popular video player that supports multi-channel voice acting and subtitles. Despite the many settings, it has a simple and intuitive interface.

Useful Apps for City Life

Some public places broadcast free Wi-Fi, which sometimes helps a lot. There are quite a few applications for city life, unfortunately, often people cannot find free Internet nearby to use them.

Osmand+ is a navigator and maps application that plots routes, shows where traffic jams are, and much more.

Advanced users recommend that each person also independently search for applications and choose among them those that suit their personal preferences.