Best Mobile Fitness Applications

Nowadays, more and more people choose a healthy lifestyle, they try to walk more, run in stadiums or do fitness. Unfortunately, going to overcrowded fitness clubs has become unsafe today.

However, there is an alternative: you can do fitness at home using mobile applications (personal trainers).

By the way, all training is different, so try to choose a mobile application in accordance with your physical condition, health status, and the main problems that you want to solve first.

Spending a long time at home increases body weight, which leads to a higher risk of developing dangerous and unpleasant, intractable diseases. That is why applications for weight loss and body shaping are so popular, especially among female users.

Universal Mobile Trainers

Pro Fit is one example of a universal fitness trainer. The application selects optimal activities for users based on the data they entered about their health status.

  • Choose the goal of your training (weight loss, maintaining muscle tone, increasing physical strength).
  • Next, indicate your age, gender, weight, and height.
  • At the end, select the target muscle groups that you want to improve first.

The Pro Fit app has a subscription fee and a three-day trial period. Users have time to decide whether these training courses and plans are suitable for them.

Best Fitness App of 2018

Experts and ordinary users have chosen the Workout Trainer application as the number one among fitness trainers for smartphones.

It contains many training videos from leading fitness coaches and has workouts both with and without equipment.

Before starting a workout, the Workout Trainer asks a few questions about your body health and specifies goals. The list of goals is quite extensive, ranging from weight loss to improving overall health and vitality.

The diversity of training techniques offered is also very large, so users can choose what they like best.

However, the structure of the application is more suitable for experienced fitness enthusiasts. It will be quite difficult for beginners to understand the variety of settings and training plans.

Training Constructor

The Adidas Training app allows users to customize workouts and training plans for themselves. The application contains about two hundred training videos that they can display on a large screen for better perception and mastering of the material.

First, Adidas Training asks for information about your health, analyzes your training goals and objectives, and suggests workout lists. Next, you can choose what suits you best, taking into account your personal characteristics.

The advantage of the application is that it offers a large number of opportunities without requiring a premium subscription, which you can purchase when you reach a higher level of training.

Its alternative is the Nike Training Club application, which also offers users nearly two hundred free workouts in various areas, including yoga, endurance exercises, and strength training.