Mobile apps programming

In modern society, there are people that barely exist who have never used a mobile phone. Phones have become an integral part of our lives, and many people will never replace them with something that is more primitive. Smartphones are selling at an enormous rate, and developers are creating new programs for them and successfully advertise and sell them on the market. Development of software for tablets and smartphones is a rapidly growing sphere, which every year will only grow and develop. In this article, we will describe the best programming languages for software products that smartphones and tablets use in the process of their functioning, as well as you will learn about their advantages and disadvantages.

General programming languages for mobile apps

The programming language is any set of rules that are needed for code creation in apps. To date, there are many software development languages, and you can choose any of them. The choice of a novice programmer will depend on his or her capabilities, goals, type of software product, its system requirements and type of operating system. In this article, we will tell you about the main programming languages for operating systems such as iOS and Android.


Five years ago, it was the only language to create software for Android. Today, some mobile apps makers already use it. Java is also used to create hybrid interfaces.


  • it is suitable for iOS and Android;
  • there are many tools that are compatible with Java, and this affects speed acceleration.


  • a lot of RAM is required.

Objective C

This programming language for mobile apps appeared in the eighties of the last century. In 2009, Apple Corporation created an iPhone 2.0, which had an iOS platform. In 2013, Swift became popular after developers fixed some bugs. So, it became almost a perfect variant of this type of language. Many modern programmers choose Swift, but Objective C remains relevant and is perceived as a classic method of coding for iOS.


  • there are many documents and information that make work with this language more flexible;
  • compatibility with Swift.


  • low performance level.
Objective C


Apple corporation developed it too. With this language, devs can create apps for iOS, Apple Watch and Apple TV. It combines all the strengths of Objective C and new functions that make writing code much easier.


  • high speed;
  • clear interface;
  • high level of secure;
  • the process of correction of errors is flexible;
  • secure memory management.


  • functioning slows down in case of lack of timely updates.

Features of the development process of mobile apps

Software development for mobile devices includes writing software code. Based on this code, software products will be created that will run on specific platforms. Today, on our planet, there are two general platforms for smartphones, such as Android and iOS.  Windows Phone platforms and Symbian are less popular. Programming mobile apps is always a process of creating some products. However, many companies sell a full service pack, which include:

  • analysis of task and search for IT solutions;
  • creation of concept and design;
  • creation of functionality;
  • testing and auditing;
  • implementation of the product on the market and its support.

Software programming for mobile devices is why devs can create apps that simplify the lives of people all over the world. Users in all countries can download the software they need at any time and anywhere, and their operating system does not affect this. This area is developing regularly and in the near future, we will surely evaluate new interesting programs developed by IT-specialists.